Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Over Drinks

Heavy Brew

It has been awhile since I met up with Kobis. Due to recent conflicting schedules, we kept on postponing our usual lepak session at Aseana cafe, but on that Wednesday, both of us were free. Despite the rain and how hungry I was, we managed to discuss very critical issues, which are listed below :

Dilemma 1 : Kobis told me that he recently went to a neighboring country, and apparently, managed to wage a war on his urge to sleep around. The reason being is that whenever he talks to his girlfriend on the phone, he felt completely compelled to remain "cheatless" because she sounded extremely trusting. There were never any questions to his whereabouts, or any of that is-that-a-girl-in-the-background check. However, he said, "If not cheating is good, how come I feel completely crap?"

Dilemma 2 : We continued to assess the relationships we were involved in, and out of no where, he said, "You know, I have come to a point that I will be okay if it doesn't work out with her." That really struck a cord with me. Both of us had came out of really bad relationships, to the point that if the next venture doesn't work out, we would be okay. "But, is this a good thing?" he asked. "Should I be okay knowing that I won't be completely heartbroken if this doesn't work out?"

We continued to ponder. Sipping hot coffee.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Sings Liquid Chocolate

I guess I am a big fan. I guess I have put Ex-Factor on repeat too many times. I guess I have waited too long for a new album. So, what did I do? I vent it out in Surprisingly, they published my comment and I was ecstatic! (See
  • MTV:You Tell Us
  • )

    I hope she reads this. And I hope that it will motivate her to sing once again.

    Monday, March 28, 2005

    Mis-Word : Part Dua

    Hilang dalam Terjemahan

    I admit! (Hands up in the air...) That I can be a complete moron when it comes with the Malay language. Ampun ampun!

    1. While I was driving on the Federal Highway on a night after Zouk, I realised how there weren't many cars on the road. So, I turned to my friend in the passenger seat and said, "Wow, the road is so laybang!"
    FACT : It's lapang (with a mixture of lebar)

    2. After work, I was heading towards a little gathering of old friends. Because I was still in my work clothes, I really thought I looked like shit. So, I asked my friend and asked, "Hey, do I look berselerak?"
    FACT : It's berserabut

    Hey, give me a patah, ok! I'm cuba-ing!!!

    Sunday, March 27, 2005

    Say What?

    Clearly confused

    I should be the last person to refer to when it comes to religion. It is not like I don't believe in it, because in my heart, I am a proud Muslim. But it is because I never really had the opportunity to have an extensive and formal education on my faith. I was never lucky enough to go to sekolah agama, because Beijing did not have one. Athens, Ohio did have one not too. Even when I was in KL, the extra after-school hours were spent in the music room or on stage.

    However, when I heard that a Muslim lady in the US decided to head the Friday prayers, it just did not feel right. Her defence was that Islam preaches gender equality, and that her choice is in line with these teachings. She also felt that there was absolutely nothing wrong for a man and a woman (who are not blood-tied) to pray next to each other.

    Is she nuts?

    Even with my lack of Islamic teachings, I understand that a man and woman can pray together, but in seperate areas. The reason being is that the air sembahyang can batal, and then the prayers is not sah. But to me, it is because the fine line of being horny by sitting next to a hot lady can occur, resulting with unfocused prayers. So God did us a favor by asking us to pray seperately, but together. Doesn't she know this?

    And yes, Islam teaches us on gender equality. We are indeed brothers and sisters of the Islamic faith. But there are somethings we follow. Like tradition and how imam for Friday prayers are men. Not women.

    I have never considered myself old-fashioned. But when it comes with this issue, bizarrely I am...

    Thursday, March 24, 2005

    Lunch Topic

    Shi's not convinced...

    Shi is my favorite lunch partner. Every time, without fail, I realised that she can smoke a cigarrete, drink teh ais and make fuck-you statements without a twitch, and I find it quite liberating. The lunch topic today include :

    1. If dogs brutally attack a kid, is it fair to put the dogs to sleep? Her argument is that dogs often don't attack unless they feel threatened. And that it is their natural instinct to attack when they do feel so. In that case, she said, "It's all the kids damn fault. Padan muka."

    2. When a blind man/woman walk pass you, is it a must that you give them money? Her argument is that you should donate out of your good heart. On the other hand, most people, fork out that measly 1 ringgit because they don't want the people sitting next to them to sneer. Plus, she added, "Why should I give them money when I am eating roti canai and then I see them spend my money on steak?"

    I keep on eating. Always amused.

    Wednesday, March 23, 2005

    Friends for Dinner

    Birthday Cake

    This year, I decided to throw a little gathering for my birthday. Yes, I was turning 24, and at first, I thought I was pretty old to have one. But the thought of having my closest friends with me and with plenty of good food to eat sounded like a pretty good idea.

    So,I decided to have it at Vivo, The Curve. It was 6.45 pm and I was already there. For some strange reasons, I was there early (the dinner was to only start at 7.30 pm), and I remembered asking myself why. Shouldn't the birthday boy make a grand late entrance? Well, I concluded that that just was not me.

    My public relations skills went on high gear, as I pushed seven tables and 18 chairs together, lining up colorful menus and ash trays, and placed the grey colored order forms on each table. Yeah, at Vivos, you were to fill in your own order, and I thought that was nift. As I waited for the rest to arrive, I gleefully filled in my form already, ordering a 7 thin inch Amigos pizza, chicken salad and a large Coke.

    And then, one by one, they came :

    1. Shareena is the face of that chirpy, yet sexy voice on Red104.9. She used to go to the same high school in KL, until she moved to Jakarta in Sophomore year. Her present (as well as Azimy's) was to call me up at 8.15 am in the morning on live radio and asked me to sing the bday song to myself. Although that sounds a bit sad, it really made my day!

    2. Fairil is the athlete in my group. Not only can he shoot hoops, he can sing too, and is 1/3 of Acoustiq 39. We used to live together (with Zales and Efi) at Palm Gardens, and create basketball related games because there wasn't anything else to do!

    3. Vinnie was my study partner back in Uniten. During study week, we would be by the library at 8 am, and flock there until it midnight. Our persistence to score for exams actually worked. Every. Damn. Semester.

    4. Khairzul has been my shrink for the past two years. He knows more about my deal with relationships, to the point that I should be worried. Our tradition have been the meet-ups at the Aseana cafe late afternoons, where we vomit critical issues such as what-are-relationships?

    5. Melor, the girl with the nose stud, have converted herself from a raver to a ghetto bootey. This is due to her love for her rapper boyfriend. She is incredibly stylish, and gets me giggling like a school girl with her in-your-face remarks. And yeah, she hates ISKL with a passion!

    6. Lisa is this subtle musician who can write like water. She is incredibly smart, and the ultimate reason why I made it to the Force of Nature concert. I was incredibly awed with her knowledge of lupus, a disease my favorite model is struggling with.

    7. Aiman is this very tall, young kid who has the voice of lead singer, 112. Despite so, he is incredibly shy with his talent, but have dreams that successful business men are made of. He aims to be the owner of the best basketball courts in Malaysia, which will materialise by end of this year.

    8. Ben was my connection to Manpower. The first few words muttered by him to me was "Are you an American?". He and I would talk about hot girls, do some ranking, while we sat by the mosque and waited for the Friday prayers to start.

    9. Suraya and Laici are the future business women to conquer Bali-related clothing items. They have shared their dream, and I know that their lulur body scrub can make them the next Body Shop.

    10. Wanay is this really hot babe who I used go have lunch with during special semester in Uniten. Everyone thought we dated, and we just enjoyed letting the rumors be. She got married early, and yet she haven't lost her sence of partying. I can't wait to see her kids!

    11. Khaylis is my stress-twin back in highschool. I have always admired her sence of style and her writing skills. No matter how much I duplicate, I can't imitate! Anyway, I was incredibly joyful when she remembered my favorite cake was the one with marshmellows. And I was incredibly high when she brought it as my birthday gift!

    12. Zales is this incredibly stylish girl who she and I go way back! She always cracks me up, and she can dance so seductively in Zouk. She is the latest It girl among the hip hop community.

    13. Han is this intellectual movie directors should look for. This guy have a vision to create simple, yet effective movies which will make Yasmin an amateur. Plus, he can can boogey too with hip hop.

    14. Teddy and Mat are the most humble couple I know. Teddy and I were extremely close in Uniten, out of pure connection that both our dads worked at JPM. She is such a hard worker, and detailed, and is extremely huggable!

    As I sat around and watched my friends chat among themselves, I could not but help feel so lucky to have them in my life.

    Tuesday, March 22, 2005

    Dreams Do Come True

    Another miracle witnessed

    Hail Force of Nature, King of all Concerts!

    I mean, when in the oddest blue moon, will you able to witness Lauryn Hill, Wyclef, Boys II Men, and a whole lotta artists perform in your very own eyes in your very own country? At 7.15 pm on that hot Friday, that miracle did happen. And it lasted until 3.30 pm! What a night!

    If you want to know the full details of the concert, please visit Khaylis. As to my end, I am still struggling to find the exact words to describe how I feel. All I can come is: thank god I am alive!

    Wednesday, March 16, 2005

    The Other Merce


    Just felt like putting up a picture of a gorgeous latina on my page. Humma humma...

    Tuesday, March 15, 2005

    I Got Rhythm!

    Music...makes the

    I was excited when my blog guru pasted a new list on her blog (see : Khaylis). I am such a follower sometimes, so here we go!

    1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?

    The computer at home is officially dead. It was struck by lightning and now has been buried in the storeroom downstairs. All the intricate details, like music files, are guarded by its hardware. I am left with the cavemen tools, like a radio and CDs.

    2. The CD you last bought?

    I went out to buy Ciara "Goodies", Jlo's "Rebirth" and a live performance CD from John Mayer

    3. What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?

    "These days, with the world getting colder,
    She spends more time sleeping over
    Than I planned.

    Tonight we're gonna order in,
    Drinking wine and watch some CNN.
    It's dark I know but then again
    It's the brightest thing I got

    When I'm covered in rain..."

    Covered in Rain, John Mayer

    4. Write down five songs that you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

    Aiyo, this is a tough one. If it were songs I love to listen to when driving, please find attached (Songs after Work). But, if it was about meaning, than please find attached the list below :

    1. "...and I have the sence to recognize that
    I don't have to let you go..."

    Do What You Have to Do, Sarah Mclachlan

    2. "...I don't wanna make you feel uneasy
    but I really want to spend the night..."

    Ordinary People, Conner Reeves

    3. "Golden ember
    shining through
    swear by the moon
    I'll wait for you..."

    By the Moon, Anggun

    4. "...I never made promises lightly
    And there have been some that I've broken
    But I swear in the days still left
    We'll walk in fields of gold..."

    Fields of Gold, Sting

    5. "...I keep letting you back in
    How can I explain myself
    As painful as this thing has been
    I just can't be with no one else..."

    Ex-factor, Lauryn Hill

    5. Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?

    The three gullible people are :

    Aeyaa - because I miss her so much.
    Shob - because his taste in music is similar to mine.
    Kobis - because he introduced me to Eva Cassidy.

    Atok Cik

    My great grand aunt passed away today.

    I knew her but barely knew her at the same time. All I know was that she was this very petite lady who would drop by my grandma's place for Raya, and like all Raya, she dressed herself in a pink flowery baju kurung top and with kain pelaikat. She was very quirky and fashionable. I also admired her striking set of grey-white hair, always tied into a bob, and whenever she sees me, she would hold my hand and ask "Girlfriend macam mana?".

    She lived in the largest rumah batu in Yahya Awal with her sister. The house was the most modern on the street, but the most neglected. The white paint were peeling, and moss flourished but she didn't mind. All she cared about was her 30 cats that accompanied her. Yes, she literally was the lady who lived with 30 cats. And yes, she also owned a three legged dog, which was found abandoned by an owner infront of her longkang. She loved that dog.

    My friend asked me whether I was sad, and I said that I wasn't. I am actually happy, happy that she lived a great life and happy that I knew her.

    Monday, March 14, 2005


    The Attack of the Sausages

    My favorite food outlet has been raided!

    According to the NST, Ikea's food outlet was raided by Jakim. The 34-member team have seized 60 boxes of "halal" suasages from the outlet on the suspicion that the sausages were enclosed in animal casings. Apparently, halal casings for sausages have to be made from cellulose, which are fibres from plant tissue.

    On the issue of halal-ness, the producer of the sausages, Muller Sausage Hause Sdn Bhd, have an expired halal certificate, and apparently, the halal logo on the packets of sausages was found to be forged, with the Jawi for halal misspelt.

    So perhaps, that's the reason why Ikea's suasages were so damn addictive...

    Two Shifts

    Sekolah penuh

    My usual comrades and I decided to go to a Paskitani restaurant called Spicy Village for lunch. As we settled down and the three predictably ordered plain capati, I went on to treat myself to the green pea rice and lamb set meal.

    While I munched away, I noticed that the loud noise I was hearing came from two of my colleagues. Apparently, they were arguing about the school system : Shi was firm to say that two shifts schools are not normal, while Jase said that it was.

    "Patut ke budak budak primary school bangun pukul 11 dan balik sekolah pukul 7? Ni tak normal nih..." I noticed how she affirmed her point with the long nih.

    While I nodded and consumed more lamb, things only got more interesting after this comment: "The reason ada two shift nih is because budak budak indon illegal nih yang buat sekolah penuh macam sial. Bastards nih patut balik!"

    From there, I realised that many have are deep rooted racial, moreover, cultural predugisms against Indonesians, especially the ones who are in Malaysia. Indonesians, or more commonly known as Indons, are often associated with crime, labor work and maids, and nothing more. To my colleague, they are "bastards", and deserve absolute no respect because "dia orang suka gaduh balik".

    Perhaps she has a reason to hate. But all I can say is that budak budak Indon itu deserve education like anyone else. Nih...

    Average Report

    Look mommy, I can read

    One of my closest friend dropped by my home late one evening, and conquered my room to chill. As he rummaged through my magazine box, he came across a blue plastic folder. "What's this?"

    Oh, it's my ahievement folder.

    That's what I call it. The achievement folder. Inside there are middle school report cards, certificates, highschool diploma, my IB diploma, and my BBA degree. But what was interesting to me, as my friend and I flipped through many white and multicolored pages, was the fact that it was clear that I was a really smart kid.

    Yeah, I was. I remembered when I was in the States, the state education department wanted me to skip 6th grade to 8th grade, based on my IQ and other mental exams. I remembered I pleaded to my mom and dad that I did not want to because the 8th grade kids looked so much older and bigger. Plus, in my heart, I wanted so desperately to be cool and being a geek wasn't, but I guess true colors always seep through. In 8th grade and in a class of 250, I was ranked number 4.

    Years fast forward, I managed to become the "average guy" that I wanted to be so badly back then. In highschool, I was only ranked 41 out of a class of 120. My IB scores were only 32. And for my degree, I only made into the deans list twice. Yay, I am average! And even though average is the not the essence of success, I truly feel that average has a beauty of its own, which is satisfaction.

    An Eggy Situation


    Are you a regular at Malay weddings?

    Are you often in a situation of holding many hard-boiled eggs in your pockets (or for the ladies, handbag) and don't know what to do with them?

    Here are my suggestions :

    1. Eat it as it is
    2. Eat it with pepper
    3. Eat it with salty kicap
    4. Cook it with sambal
    5. Mash it up and make an egg sandwich
    6. Eat it with nasi lemak

    PS: Congratulations Fendi and Hayza! You two look like kings and queens, a far cry from the faces I used to see when in Accounting Class. :)

    Wednesday, March 09, 2005



    - when you two would call me up at 10 and say Barbarrans, and I will be like Ok!
    - when you two would call me up at 10 and say Rave, and I will be like Ok!
    - when you two would call me up at 10 and say Orange, and I will be like Ok!
    - when I would drive my noisy red volvo to Pantai Hill area, and watch a red plastic bag fall down to the ground from level 3
    - when that plastic bag contained Ez's clubbing clothes and Volvo was a temporary changing room
    - when we were prominent figures of the podium at Orange/all rave events
    - when I left my keys in my locked volvo
    - when two old Malay men tailgated my car at Bangsar
    - when we told each other that we will always club together.

    The good old days. Unforgettable. Undeniable.

    Tuesday, March 08, 2005



    It is no secret that I really dig America's Next Top Model. Every Tuesday, especially when it is 10 pm, is extreme bliss to me, as I watch exotic beauties or misunderstood ones striving to become top model. Season 1, I was a huge Adrienne fan: her no-nonsence and family-oriented personality shines through, even when there is a snake around her neck. Season 2, I was a huge Mercedes fan: her full lips, killer glance, and her bubbly personality is exactly what I look for in a girl. For season 3, it is Yaya.

    To me, Yaya is the embodiment of a strong woman, deep-rooted African culture, and funk and grace of a dancer and athelete. She speaks her mind and stand by her beliefs, knows what respect is (as demonstrated by her Respectio t-shirt) and is learning. Her struggle to keep her skin clear is understandable.

    I know that she did not win the competition, but she definitely won my heart.

    Monday, March 07, 2005

    Saying Hi

    Next station

    By 10.30 pm last night, my exhausted body was already in bed but my mind was still racing. Work got the better of me and the to-do-list kept on appearing like a bad dream. I tossed and turned, but no use. Should I go down stairs and drink milk? Ah, too lazy. I just kept closing my eyes, and listened to the noisy air-con, hoping that by some miracle I would be sleeping like good timber.

    Annoyingly, someone called me up at 11 pm. Damn it! But to my surprise, that someone turned out a girl who I used to date years ago...

    ...How I met her was bizarre. I remembered clearly that it was during my student years, when LRT was the means for trasport to KLCC. Yes, the LRT: It was during rush hour after 6 pm, and she and I was going for the same vacant seat as I was. Being the unfortunate gentlemen, I motioned that she could have it, and she responded, "Are you sure?" in this very American accent. Immediately, I felt a sence of connection, and shoved my right hand to her and said, "Hi!" The rest was interesting...



    "Wow, it has been ages. What's up?"

    "Nothing, just dropping by to say hello."


    Thursday, March 03, 2005

    Songs After Work

    I look forward to the drive after work. There's something extremely relaxing about it. I guess it has to do with the fact I usually leave work worries and stress at the office, and not with me when I go home.

    I usually leave work around 7 pm and I love that time of day. It's the transition to night, and that cruise (or even when in a traffic jam) is delicious, especially when listening to these songs:

    Aaliyah - "It's Whatever"

    ...Just like a breeze
    In the middle of a summer's eve
    when you come through
    you come for me
    If I'm a drink
    you're my lemon sqeeze
    Oh, you got flavor boy
    you go good with me...

    Maxwell - "Welcome"

    ...Tonight will make one week
    Tonight's our anniversary
    And if you don't talk to me
    Tomorrow will never be...

    Joe - "All the things (your man won't do)"

    I put a string of pearls right in your hand
    make love on a beach of jet black sand...

    Sade - "By your side"

    ...And if you want to cry
    I am here to dry your eyes (oh)
    You know time
    You'll be fine...

    Janet - "Any time, any place"

    ...I don't wanna stop just because
    people standin' 'round watchin' us
    I don't give a damn what the think
    I want you now...

    Ah...wasn't that relaxing?

    Tuesday, March 01, 2005


    Water is fine

    One of the Directors of Casa Del Han coaxed me to fill in this list. So here we go!

    1. favorite main entree:
    Grilled lamb chops

    2. favorite salad:
    Hail Ceaser!

    3. favorite soup:
    Oxtail soup (tomato based)

    4. favorite appetizer:
    Cold shrimp

    5. favorite dessert:
    Dark, warm brownie with vanilla ice cream

    6. favorite fruit:

    7. favorite vegetable:

    8. favorite sashimi:
    I thought all sashimi was Salmon...

    9. favorite sushi roll:
    Er, the one with soy-flavored jelly fish

    10. favorite soda beverage:
    Pepsi Twist

    11. favorite non-alcoholic beverage:
    Iced peach tea (like the one you get at 1901's)

    12. favorite alcoholic shot:
    I don't do

    13. favorite alcoholic drink:
    I did : Iced-blended lime-based margaritas

    14. favorite cake:
    Chocolate banana (Secret recipe)

    15. favorite pie:
    Pumpkin pie with huge doses of cold whipped cream

    16. favorite ice cream:
    Hazelnut from Lecka Lecka

    17. favorite milkshake:
    I don't do

    18. favorite cut of beef:
    All cuts I can do.

    19. favorite cuisine:
    Malay, Thai, Chinese and Italian

    20. favorite part of chicken: (leg, wing, thigh, breast)

    21. favorite fried food:

    22. favorite cookie:
    Choco chip cookies from Mrs Fields...yummmmm

    23. favorite indian curry:
    Chicken curry

    24. favorite gum:

    25. favorite candy:

    26. favorite crepe:
    I don't do crap

    27. favorite sandwich:
    Anything with turkey ham

    28. favorite pizza:
    Thin crust anything

    29. favorite mexican dish:
    The fajitas...

    30. favorite vietnamese dish:
    I don't do

    31. favorite korean dish:
    Kimchi...i can eat it like cookies

    32. favorite chinese dish:
    Dim Sum

    33. favorite filipino dish:
    I don't do

    34. favorite southern food:

    35. favorite instant noodles brand:
    Asam Laksa Maggi

    36. favorite juice:

    37. favorite snack food:
    Salty pretzels

    38. favorite fish:
    Anything in asam pedas

    39. favorite cereal:
    Honey nut cheerios

    40. favorite pho:
    what is pho? sounds like vomit...

    41. favorite breakfast food:
    rice porridge with telur masin and ikan bilis

    42. favorite french food:
    the pastries

    43. favorite mcdonalds food:
    Prosperity burger (beef)

    44. favorite pasta dish:
    fetuccini with sea food

    45. favorite bread:
    Gaurdinia pun boleh lah

    46. favorite tea:

    47. favorite 7-11 slurpies:
    I don't do

    48. favorite hershey's kiss:
    I thought its all chocolate...

    49. favorite flavor of m&m's:
    I don't do

    50. favorite candy bar:
    I don't do...really.


    You want fries with that?

    It was exactly 9.32 am at the office when Gia instant messaged me. The message read: "If you were granted three wishes, what would it be?"

    Immediately, I brushed away my "work-in-progress" report, looked at the computer screen and blanked out. Wow, I don't know...

    Maybe it was because of Wishmaster that I have been programmed to think that wishes are tricks. And that if you wish for something, there will always be some negative side-effects to it. For example, if you wished for RM20 million cash, the situation would be that 1) you find yourself robbing the national bank or 2) that RM20 million belonged to some VCD gangster, so there goes your head.

    As I respond "Er, I don't know", I can't help but to think that perhaps that I have grown to be suspicious of easy roads. Because, I swear, if I was still six, I would have wished for that Lego castle set in a second!