Sunday, October 28, 2007

spend time with yourself

the original mood setter

there are times and days when i feel like spending time all by myself.

sometimes, it would be in a remote neighborhood mall, with my laptop and my favorite on-the-go mocha latte at hand, and i would surf for hours satorialist's blog to understand what true style means.

other times, i would spend a good hour or so at the gym working on the areas that need to be toned (alert : tummy) and just bask in the steam room to relax.

also many times, i would go over to the bakery at ikano to eat the usual (flying chicken sandwich + orange juice on the rocks) and read cover-to-cover the latest details mag.

i personally feel that at those times, there is feeling of peace which i love. it's the spending time to reflect, to be at ease with your self, which i feel makes me feel love with living.

because i know, if you don't like spending with yourself, then who would?

(ps : marvin gaye crooning at the background makes me wish i was a singer...)