Sunday, October 23, 2005

You Give Yourself A Bad Name (Or Do They?)

It Ain't Yours Honey!

When you break up with somebody, especially on a bad note, how far does your reputation get tarnished?

Last night, I listened to a conversation about this girl who was supposedly obsessed with material goods that she can identify the brand of your clothes without even looking at the tag. She even paraded to everyone that when she gets married to Our Friend (whom decided to leave her last month), she will get herself a BMW. She also brushes herself as the hottest girl in her university, and bragged to everyone that she was the ultimate reason why a couple broke up.

I have never met her. But after listening to all of this, I don’t like her. How strange.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Aiman Asmawar rocks!

My third brother is an MTV VJ!!! How cool is that??? Well, not just yet. At the moment, we need to vote for him via online or via SMS.

To vote for my brother Aiman via SMS, type VJH, followed by a space, followed by M3 and send to 33776. Each SMS costs RM1. Voting ends on 20th October.

I surveyed the competitors and seriously, no competition. My brother is clearly a Hugo Boss suit, while the rest are Parkson Grand material. Muahahahah!!!

For more info and to read on my bro's profile, visit MTV VJ Hunt Malaysia.

So what are you waiting for, go vote!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

7 Days, 7 Heaven, 7-Eleven!

My list isn't this gruesome

It's funny that after 7 official days away from blogland, I have been tagged by the Goddess herself to respond to the 7 meme. Isn't this way, way freaky??? heheheh...

So here we go!

Seven things to do before I die :
1. To build a corporate empire under my name (yes, i am a tad ambitious)
2. To travel to ANY european country (i envy envy envy Mangolisa/Senor Anuar a whole lot)
3. To design a holiday home with wide windows and tall ceilings facing the beach front (preferably one in Spain, one in Capri, and one Miami) for me and my parents (which hopefully be featured in Architecture Digest/MTV's Cribs)

4. To own a walk-in closet full of shirts/suits/shoes designed by Tom Ford/Ms Miuccia Prada (yes, i am a fucking metro)
5. To be a loving husband to my wife and an awesome father to my kids
6. To be able to amazingly tulis dan cakap dalam Bahasa Melayu
7. To be a great Muslim

Seven things I just-can't-do :
1. Write and speak in Bahasa Melayu (although i am working on this...)
2. Look/smell pork without cringing
3. Look/smell/touch frogs without screaming like a little girl

4. Stop purchasing Zara/Puma/A|X
5. Live without sex
6. Tolerate holier-than-thou fuckers
7. Stop loving and be proud of my family

Seven celebrity crushes :

1. Aaliyah (because she was mysterious)
2. Sade (because she is cool)
3. Anggun (because she is exotic)
4. Lucy Liu (because she is cat-like)
5. Angelina Jolie (because she is dangerous)
6. Scarlet Johanson (because she is a classic blonde)

7. Mercedes from America's Next Top Model (because she is cute and killer eyes)

Seven often used phrases/words :
1. Fucking hell!
2. No way!
3. Really?
4. Serious?
5. Mari kita pergi makan.
6. I need to spend.
7. That bitch.

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex :
1. I love the way she laughs...
2. When she can serenade you with a song she wrote for you...
3. When she cooks a delicious meal in the middle of the night for both of us...
4. The way she can chill with my family...
5. When she makes me laugh...
6. The way she smells right after a bath...
7. The way she holds me when we are sleeping...

Seven tags :
1. Silent
2. The Kimster
3. The Babe
4. Ms D
5. Rostam
6. Disco-very
7. Madnessinvain