Sunday, January 30, 2005


King of the Rams

A very close friend of mine called me up and said, "Based on your star sign, you will probably end up with a Sagi or a Leo."
"How about the rest?"
"If you want 'hot', then just them two."
With this information, I went on to reflect on my past relationships - oh yeah she was to oh no wonder. But then again, should a star revelation determine who I should go out with? Why can't I end up with a Scorpio or a Gemini? Why???
Because, according to my extensive years in the USA and the deep conditioning of an international school education, destiny is within my hands. And not some fancy star chart.
But, then again, I do go flip the newspaper and read immediately what my horoscope is for the day. And according to The Star, it reads : "You've got the's time to use your magnetic charms to help others and make positive changes in your life."
Wow, how cheesy.

A Blogger Virgin

There is something exciting about putting your thoughts out there for the public to read.
It is like that final minute before you go on stage to sing. Or that first sniff of a new country when getting out of the plane.
My mind twin (also known as Khaylis) created this blog space for me. It was totally out-of-the blue, outsourced and perfect. I never would have done this if it had not been the "Hey, I created a Blog space for you already!" factor. But creating this space is one thing. Writing in it is another.
I remembered - driving back home, took a shower, ate chicken porridge - and all I could think about was "What am I going to write?" Because the truth is, when it comes to writing about my experiences/opinions, I am all over the place.
So, for those who are reading this, all I can say that blogging is like the first time I had sex. And boy, was I not that good at it!

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Testing, testing, 1-2-3.