Tuesday, March 01, 2005


You want fries with that?

It was exactly 9.32 am at the office when Gia instant messaged me. The message read: "If you were granted three wishes, what would it be?"

Immediately, I brushed away my "work-in-progress" report, looked at the computer screen and blanked out. Wow, I don't know...

Maybe it was because of Wishmaster that I have been programmed to think that wishes are tricks. And that if you wish for something, there will always be some negative side-effects to it. For example, if you wished for RM20 million cash, the situation would be that 1) you find yourself robbing the national bank or 2) that RM20 million belonged to some VCD gangster, so there goes your head.

As I respond "Er, I don't know", I can't help but to think that perhaps that I have grown to be suspicious of easy roads. Because, I swear, if I was still six, I would have wished for that Lego castle set in a second!


Blogger random-girl said...

Yeah! I wanted that Lego castle too! Lego is the bomb. One day, when I grow up big and strong, I'm going to build me a Lego house to live in. Hey, it saves on renovation costs. Alright - I never claimed to be so smartest.

2:45 AM  
Blogger Muddy said...


Lego is always the bomb. I just don't understand kids nowadays obsessed with the playstation. what happened to creativity? anyway, i also wanted the space set so badly too, but i guess the bomba set was pretty nift. hehehe..

10:19 PM  

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