Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Atok Cik

My great grand aunt passed away today.

I knew her but barely knew her at the same time. All I know was that she was this very petite lady who would drop by my grandma's place for Raya, and like all Raya, she dressed herself in a pink flowery baju kurung top and with kain pelaikat. She was very quirky and fashionable. I also admired her striking set of grey-white hair, always tied into a bob, and whenever she sees me, she would hold my hand and ask "Girlfriend macam mana?".

She lived in the largest rumah batu in Yahya Awal with her sister. The house was the most modern on the street, but the most neglected. The white paint were peeling, and moss flourished but she didn't mind. All she cared about was her 30 cats that accompanied her. Yes, she literally was the lady who lived with 30 cats. And yes, she also owned a three legged dog, which was found abandoned by an owner infront of her longkang. She loved that dog.

My friend asked me whether I was sad, and I said that I wasn't. I am actually happy, happy that she lived a great life and happy that I knew her.


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