Tuesday, March 08, 2005



It is no secret that I really dig America's Next Top Model. Every Tuesday, especially when it is 10 pm, is extreme bliss to me, as I watch exotic beauties or misunderstood ones striving to become top model. Season 1, I was a huge Adrienne fan: her no-nonsence and family-oriented personality shines through, even when there is a snake around her neck. Season 2, I was a huge Mercedes fan: her full lips, killer glance, and her bubbly personality is exactly what I look for in a girl. For season 3, it is Yaya.

To me, Yaya is the embodiment of a strong woman, deep-rooted African culture, and funk and grace of a dancer and athelete. She speaks her mind and stand by her beliefs, knows what respect is (as demonstrated by her Respectio t-shirt) and is learning. Her struggle to keep her skin clear is understandable.

I know that she did not win the competition, but she definitely won my heart.


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