Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Water is fine

One of the Directors of Casa Del Han coaxed me to fill in this list. So here we go!

1. favorite main entree:
Grilled lamb chops

2. favorite salad:
Hail Ceaser!

3. favorite soup:
Oxtail soup (tomato based)

4. favorite appetizer:
Cold shrimp

5. favorite dessert:
Dark, warm brownie with vanilla ice cream

6. favorite fruit:

7. favorite vegetable:

8. favorite sashimi:
I thought all sashimi was Salmon...

9. favorite sushi roll:
Er, the one with soy-flavored jelly fish

10. favorite soda beverage:
Pepsi Twist

11. favorite non-alcoholic beverage:
Iced peach tea (like the one you get at 1901's)

12. favorite alcoholic shot:
I don't do

13. favorite alcoholic drink:
I did : Iced-blended lime-based margaritas

14. favorite cake:
Chocolate banana (Secret recipe)

15. favorite pie:
Pumpkin pie with huge doses of cold whipped cream

16. favorite ice cream:
Hazelnut from Lecka Lecka

17. favorite milkshake:
I don't do

18. favorite cut of beef:
All cuts I can do.

19. favorite cuisine:
Malay, Thai, Chinese and Italian

20. favorite part of chicken: (leg, wing, thigh, breast)

21. favorite fried food:

22. favorite cookie:
Choco chip cookies from Mrs Fields...yummmmm

23. favorite indian curry:
Chicken curry

24. favorite gum:

25. favorite candy:

26. favorite crepe:
I don't do crap

27. favorite sandwich:
Anything with turkey ham

28. favorite pizza:
Thin crust anything

29. favorite mexican dish:
The fajitas...

30. favorite vietnamese dish:
I don't do

31. favorite korean dish:
Kimchi...i can eat it like cookies

32. favorite chinese dish:
Dim Sum

33. favorite filipino dish:
I don't do

34. favorite southern food:

35. favorite instant noodles brand:
Asam Laksa Maggi

36. favorite juice:

37. favorite snack food:
Salty pretzels

38. favorite fish:
Anything in asam pedas

39. favorite cereal:
Honey nut cheerios

40. favorite pho:
what is pho? sounds like vomit...

41. favorite breakfast food:
rice porridge with telur masin and ikan bilis

42. favorite french food:
the pastries

43. favorite mcdonalds food:
Prosperity burger (beef)

44. favorite pasta dish:
fetuccini with sea food

45. favorite bread:
Gaurdinia pun boleh lah

46. favorite tea:

47. favorite 7-11 slurpies:
I don't do

48. favorite hershey's kiss:
I thought its all chocolate...

49. favorite flavor of m&m's:
I don't do

50. favorite candy bar:
I don't do...really.


Blogger kristakish said...

hehe...u blog too...

12:04 AM  
Blogger aeyya said...

nyummy nyummy..so lovely!!im HUNGRY
dengki la...i also want GOODfood

5:18 PM  
Blogger Muddy said...

aeyya :

hey babe, copy this list and fill it out! its an order! hehehe...

10:17 PM  

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