Monday, March 14, 2005

Two Shifts

Sekolah penuh

My usual comrades and I decided to go to a Paskitani restaurant called Spicy Village for lunch. As we settled down and the three predictably ordered plain capati, I went on to treat myself to the green pea rice and lamb set meal.

While I munched away, I noticed that the loud noise I was hearing came from two of my colleagues. Apparently, they were arguing about the school system : Shi was firm to say that two shifts schools are not normal, while Jase said that it was.

"Patut ke budak budak primary school bangun pukul 11 dan balik sekolah pukul 7? Ni tak normal nih..." I noticed how she affirmed her point with the long nih.

While I nodded and consumed more lamb, things only got more interesting after this comment: "The reason ada two shift nih is because budak budak indon illegal nih yang buat sekolah penuh macam sial. Bastards nih patut balik!"

From there, I realised that many have are deep rooted racial, moreover, cultural predugisms against Indonesians, especially the ones who are in Malaysia. Indonesians, or more commonly known as Indons, are often associated with crime, labor work and maids, and nothing more. To my colleague, they are "bastards", and deserve absolute no respect because "dia orang suka gaduh balik".

Perhaps she has a reason to hate. But all I can say is that budak budak Indon itu deserve education like anyone else. Nih...


Blogger kobis said...

I was laughing out loud reading this one. I know it's a serious notes but I find it rather comical the way you put it.

2:56 AM  
Blogger Muddy said...

kobis :

hehehe...yeah, to think about it! :)

4:21 PM  

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