Sunday, February 27, 2005


Don't go in there...

For the past few months, every Sunday is cook out day (or night) for the "usual suspects". For the Sunday of February 27, we agreed on making Mexican food, and as ordered by my head chef Khaylis, I was to bring in chicken and cheese for the Fajitas.

On that Sunday, I decided to go to Giant in Shah Alam to buy the ingredients.

As I parked by the yellow and green hypermarket, I cringed because I knew that going to Giant on a Sunday was a really bad idea. Because even before I could step into the place, kids from I-don't-care-where start zooming in and out of my way, metal carts block paths to my food destination, and angry looking people were everywhere. It was just not a happy place.

So imagine when I FINALLY made it to the payment counter; handed the grilled chicken and a packet of Mozzarella cheese to the cashier; saw the digital numbers blinked RM28.90 and then realising I was short in cash.


"Abang, boleh tunggu sekejap?" The cashier nodded, while I turned around to find my parents in the food-buying masses. While I frantically dialed their numbers, it was at that moment when 1) reception went bad, or 2) mom/dad did not pick up the phone. If it were not for my age, I would have actually yelled, "Mama! Papa! Help me!", sucked my thumb but did not.

Only 10 minutes later did I managed to find my dad, who predictably stood right next to the free grape juice stand. In short, I demanded some cash like a thief, raced back to the counter, paid, grabbed the food, and never turned back.

So the moral of the story is this: Never do your groceries on a Sunday. Never.


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