Monday, February 28, 2005


It's alive!

I realize that when I am chilling with my friends, especially with "the usual suspects", I have a tendency to say things which were meant to mean another. For example:

-Zales said that she loves blue bunny ice cream. Both Khaylis and Zales agreed that strawberry sandwich was the best. I went on to say, "I love the Napoleon flavor". FACT: It's Neapolitan.

-The whole group of ISKLers were sipping cheap drinks at Uncle Don's. Brandy's "Full Moon" blasted in the air, and someone asked what was the video like. I said, "It's the one where she was looking into the kaleidoscope".
FACT: It's telescope.

-Again, with the whole group of ISKLers, we were describing the worst food to eat. I told them that I saw a documentary on Korean cuisine, which show a white guy eating a live octopus "and the testicles were all over his face".
FACT: It's tentacles.

It's amazing that I say these things and I am not even high.


Blogger P. Kay said...

hahahahaahahah! ill always remember your priceless one liners!

6:06 PM  

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