Thursday, February 03, 2005

Killer Qs

Needing Answers

I am one of those guys that like to spend some time walking around a mall and go buy stuff. Particularly if it is by myself. There's a certain feeling of freedom doing so. You can dart in and out of any shop you like with no brakes on. Spend million of hours in MPH at your own free will. It is absolutely liberating.

So, here I am, skipping to my own beat when I suddently come across a familiar face.

"Oh how are you? It has been ages!" I shake his hand, his friend's hand and beam.

"I'm good." Pause pause. "Are you alone?"

"Oh yes I am..." Blink blink.

I hate that question. I know that it is a simple question which requires a simple answer, but I have never been comfortable with it. "Are you alone?" to me is equivalent to "Are you lonely?" and "You are alone. What a loser." To me, a better way of saying it is "Are you by yourself?" but I guess this sentence is not as common as the other.

I talked to my friend about it and he told me that he cringe whenever someone would ask him "How old are you? Why aren't you married yet?". To him, this string of questions is a string of statement, saying, "Loser! Loser!"

I guess I am over-reacting. But whatever it is, if you ever see me walking around by myself, do spare me that stupid question!


Blogger kobis said...

Hey friend, I like this one topic u brought up. Just the other night, I was having my home..eating maggie mee...alone..boy was that sucks or what!...I guess even how self confident and mentally secured you are, after almost every night having your dinner all by does somehow taking a toll out of you. So when someone said, are you alone in a 'you're a loser' kinda way, it does touch you in that 'core' area. ;)But I guess everyone around us had at times or everytime feels lonely even when they're surrounded by hords of entourage with them...Hence it made me feel a lot normal to be having that feeling....;) (sour graping...) ;)

10:44 AM  
Blogger Nadja said...

Hey I always prefer shopping alone! It gives you the freedom to spend hours trying on different outfits. hehehe. You're not a loser for shopping alone. You're smart! What's better, shopping alone and not feeling lonely or being in a huge crowd but still feeling lonely cos no one speaks English that well?

5:39 AM  

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