Monday, February 14, 2005

The Toughest Club to Get Into


I recently watched Constantine, and after all the action and the awesome CGs, what lasted most from that movie was the concept of heaven. In the movie, we were given a glimpse of paradise which is a cloudy environment engulfed by golden light, and did I see right? Yes, condominiums...

To me, heaven is like an extremely exclusive club. There are seven floors and have a certain ala arabian nights theme to it (e.g. palm trees adorned around rivers of milk and honey). And at this club, your bling bling and that platinum card you carry does not entitle you to enter. Its the amount of faith, trust and heavenly deeds you have done that allows you to walk among the VVVVIPs, and then to mingle, laugh, and make connections with the likes of Angels and God.

Hell, on the other hand, is like for the masses. If you fuck up on earth (which you can so easily), there you go. Simple as that.

I hope I can go to heaven. It is THE exclusive club that I want to party in one day...


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