Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Virtual Coffee Interview by Dizery

The latest handshake style was not too popular

1. Is it possible to love two girls at the same time?

Before I go any further, I want to clarify whether the context of love in this question is about being inlove. Because there is a difference. And because if you ask whether it is possible for me to be inlove with two girls at the same time, which I think is what you are asking, I will say no. I don't think the romantic part of my heart can ever that big for more than one person. Plus, I have never been good at multitasking, so when it comes with being inlove, well, there can only be one at one time.

(Because when you meet and have the one, why would you ever want more?)

2. In the late 90s, it used to be that if your neighborhood dry-cleaner had a website, you laughed at him for being pretentious. But now, you would laugh at him if he didn't have a website. Similarly, in 2006 I think personal blogs are something of a novelty for many people, but by 2010 everyone will have a blog. And they won't be anonymous, they'll have their names on it. First of all, do you like this vision of the future, and would you be prepared for it?

This is tough to answer.

If I interpret this correctly, you are suggesting that my future blog will have my name and identity clearly revealed for the world to see, to read, and to dissect. I don't like the sound of this, nor am I prepared. But, to be really honest, when I say that, I am being hypocritical here because I do have a Friendster page up with my pictures, my likings, and whoever is linked to me for the world to see, to read and to dissect. And the funny thing is, I really don't mind. So there lies the contradiction.

But the thing is, I like the fact that at this one public place known as the blog, my honest feelings on any valid or rubbish subject matter can be shared without any limits. I do agree there is a degree of self-cencorship (because I have learnt there are good ways and bad ways to say things), but it is virtually the best place for me to express ideas and share stories. Without feeling embarrassed or afraid.

I applaud those (particularly you babe) for being able to go, this is me, these are my ideas, there's no hidden anything via blogs. But at this moment, I like my secret tree house, with having interesting readers come visit without me fully being there, and with just traces of my thoughts for them to discover. I enjoy the mystery. Don't you?

3. What percentage of people working in consulting firms know what they're doing, and what percentage are just making it up as they go along?

I like the fact that you want me to gauge this with a numerical value. Ok, let's see. At any occupation you are in, whether you deem yourself a specialist or not, it is healthy to say that you will need to know atleast 60% of what you are doing. The other 30%, I believe, is the gap needed to be filled with new ideas, concepts, procedures etc, which is crucial since so you don't want to become the dinosaur of your times. So the remainder 10% is the ability to bullshit. Studies have shown that this ability is what differentiates the winners from the losers. Sometimes appearing to know what you are doing is enough to capture the deal.

Therefore, my marshmallow formula for any career, more particularly in consulting, is :

60 % experience/gathered knowledge + 30% new tricks + 10% bullshit = success at your career

4. Do you have an exercise regimen, and if so, what kind of exercise do you do?

Since enrolling into an expensive gym in April last year, I have forced myself to exercise. Initial gym sessions were hell. I remember almost passing out after just running six minutes on the treadmill. But after a good and dedicated year, I have seen results and that is what keeps me grounded at the gym three times per week.

My exercise regimen starts with running a mile (which is 1.6 kilometers) as fast as I can on the treadmill. The best time I clocked was at ten minutes. But ever since my bad back incident, I have been walking instead on the treadmill for the same distance.

After that, I do weights for my upper body and some for my legs for a good 45 minutes. My regimen ends with me doing 500 sit-ups. Overall, I want to look like Usher. Let's just say I am not there just yet.

5. If you could borrow money without interest, which part of KL would you choose to buy an apartment in?

When I think apartments, I think urban living. And what better way to do that than to live right smack around the KLCC area. There is this new luxurious apartment being built along Jalan Binjai call the Troika. The project, built by the renowned Foster and Partners, is currently being considered as the tallest, residential development in Malaysia. And based on artists' impressions, it looks so dark and evil, I love it.

But if we were to think in financial terms, even when the money I borrow from Lala Bank is without interest, I cringe. One standard unit, ranging from 2,142 to 3,336 sq. ft, will easily fetch for a cool RM3mill. So, that means monthly payments for the next twenty years is at an estimated rate of RM12,500. That's gila at this point of time.

If realistically speaking, I can only afford the new developments around the Kota Damansara area. A good quality apartment around KD can be priced around RM250,000 to RM450,000. That means monthly payments of around two grand. That's extremely reasonable, since the infrastructure around the area is not bad. Plus Ikea is situates there, so anything around Ikea must be good.

But I prefer to buy grounded properties instead. One simple reason is that I hate carrying my groceries, what more via elevators and staircases. Bah!


Blogger pugly said...

500 sit-ups. Not bad :-)

I usually give up after 20.

2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cant wait to bite a piece of your well tonned body :p. I remember checking out your muscles the last time ! whoo hooo good going ! Wheres Bali part 2 t suspence is worse then a bed time story I cant wait anymore.... I have got to hear it before Ibiza... I like being mysterios too like Matahari .. which explains that you cant see my face on friendster. Why do I love your blog so much a) you're my v v good friend b) you actaully respond to your readers to leave comments c) Simply coz ur Muddy !

3:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With regards to acupuncture the massage actually hurts more then the needles. I don’t like needles to but this one was nothing! Apparently the massages r vital as we sometimes loose the centre of our body so we need to re align our bones, body etc like a car you have to align. I might take you up on the trip to down under since love that place and I do have an open return ticket to Msia which I must use. It will be fun am glad that you have decided to go during the warmer month as originally you wanted to go mid year and that is way to cold esp in Melbourne you wont enjoy much. Maybe we can go Cairns as well  But you did promise next year you’re saving to visit me !!! - The same Anon as above -

4:01 AM  
Anonymous Dizery said...

The long awaited answers are finally here! Muddy... I enjoyed that :) Thanks for playing.

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Dizery said...

p.s. Who says I don't respond to the people who read my blogs? ;)

7:27 AM  
Anonymous TGB said...

what i am impressed most abt you is that - you reply to each and everyone of your reader... and that is what that keep us all coming back to your page at least twice a week. and it is why, i restrained myself from starting a blog. i am a lazy bugger who just won't know how to reply to other's feedback. but that's cool... maybe i just tell you what my issues are and you write it up for your readers to comment! cool huh? :p hehehe

i have a question tho : will you ever go and do facial treatment at a men health centre/spa? (by no way it means that you are not well-groomed, but of course, one of the good looking guy with attitude and style!) hehehehe, jom!

1:03 AM  
Blogger widadzuro said...

if its not possible to love 2 girls at the same time, how is it possible to kawin 4?ok ok i knew u were referring to being IN LOVE n theres a diff fo sure, but in reality, do we need dis constant feeling of being in love til eternity or is dat just a phase?will being in love feed the kids n build d family or is it just plain love and commitment n most importantly comrpomise?

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Dizery said...

[By the way, sorry to go off-track, but those comments about comments are killing me! :) Why don't you email me and we'll talk about it some more?]

4:57 PM  
Anonymous beddy said...

i loike the answer to your 1st question..
i remember putting it in one of my posts way back then,the list of questions that i wonder how ppl would answer.
u just answered MY question no 1 hehe

10:00 PM  
Blogger Lin said...

500 sit ups... r u serious? How long does that take?

Cut short those sit ups, do pilates. Guaranteed more effective!

2:28 AM  
Blogger Muddy said...

pugly :

huhuhu no worries. 500 is actually still nothing compared to the 1000 per day in usher's routine. now that's nuts.

anon :

a) why don't you start one? ;P
b) i skipped two therapy because i didn't have time to, and now i am suffering because of it. but no worries: i do feel progress, but the discomfort is still there. maybe i should go for acupuncture...hmmm...

dizery :

babe, there is no obligation to respond to comments. so no sweat k? ;) ps: sent the email. you got it?

1:18 AM  
Blogger Muddy said...

tgb :

hahaha thanks for introducing to that facial place at the curve. that lady is a miracle worker. my face is no longer dry (woohoo!). well, lets see. if its not too expensive, i see why not.

widadzuro :

first and foremost, thanks for dropping by. rarely do i get readers all the way from spain! :)

1) i think the best person to ask this question are to a) those who do have four wives and b) to ask the four wives themselves. as outsiders, we may disregard the love factor in their marriage, but who know's, we might be wrong...

it is ideal and right in Islam that to marry four means to love and respect all four equally. if a man thinks he is capable, well good for him. but as for me, like i said, never been good with multitasking. so its not an option for me.

2) in my opinion, love requires work. and you know work is forever right? ;)

3) there is no absolute link between being inlove and loving your family. i know divorced parents who still love their kids. plus, don't confuse with being inlove as having a fulfilling relationship. as we all know, sometimes being inlove is being blind. ;)

beddy :

thank you for dropping by. and glad i answered your question. hope to do more. :)

1:39 AM  
Blogger Muddy said...

lin :

500 situps takes about 15 - 20 minutes max. its not how fast you do it though that helps build it. its how slow and steady you go that will achieve the results.

pilates? the gym does offer that class, but its always full. oh well...

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Dizery said...

No I didn't get your email :(

7:15 AM  
Blogger shobshob said...

wah quite a lengthy post, but with very very interesting answers!

how can u do 500 sit-ups? the most i can do is only 60... damn..

yeah i think love should only be one at a time, so that you can really appreciate the other half.. :)

7:56 AM  
Blogger 9 said...

eh, no world cup posts?

8:40 PM  
Blogger Vlad said...

The net is vast and infinite. Where do we go from here.

A quote from one of my favourite anime.

I think I would forever stay anonymous on our site. Unless for those who already know, or my identity being stabbed at a price of a milo ice.

Then again I do have a Friendster account.

But not one thing is 100% true because you cannot just trust Internet.

8:27 PM  
Blogger disco-very said...

i LOVE your answers. make me feel so stupid. then again being a retard isn't too far off either. hehe. 500 sit-ups is insane but it'll pay off for sure!

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am back from Ibiza wheres part 2 ...... :(

6:00 AM  
Blogger Foxybabe said...

1.6 km in 10 minutes. I am faster than u! Hehhe..

*proud of myself*

9:45 PM  

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