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Scene 1 : One afternoon, somewhere in Ikea's foodcourt, a group of friends listened to The Tale Teller

Tale Teller : "The last time I was here, I watched this man drink black coffee with four packets of sugar."

Group : Ewwww!!!

Tale Teller : "And get this: this man did it seven times straight."

Group : Gasps!!!

Tale Teller : "I noticed that a cleaner was watching the guy as well, so I asked her whether she knew the guy..."

Muddy : Ada ke?

Tale Teller : "...and she said that this man does this coffee thing everyday, at the same hour. Always seven cups of coffee with 28 packets of sugar. And she thinks he nak bunuh diri."


Kesian the man, I thought. Perhaps he just loved coffee?


Blogger Pojan said...

i loveeee coffee.
I could and would, if given chance, drink coffee for 7 times straight. but not so much sugar la. 2 packs per cup is enough. :)

11:19 PM  
Blogger teek said...

As per entry in the link above.
I, the manager of IKEA shall not be responsible on whatever happen to the "28 packets of sugar" guy. ;)

11:49 PM  
Blogger elly said...

Ayooo..Somebody should remind the guy to go easy with the caffeine and sugar before he really "kill" himself..

But on second thought, i cant just live without coffee in the morning during winter. Imagine winter in Michigan, its sejuk gilee..Always walking to class with hot coffee in my hands


1:13 AM  
Blogger Pantani's 2nd Cousin said...

Sorry old chap, your blog is no longer the top of the muff magnet blog. Madnessinvain has pushed you off the top.

p/s go ahead n spice it up

1:26 AM  
Blogger Lin said...

Hi there... just found ur blog while blog hopping...

I love having coffee at Ikea. I don know why. I love the smell of the cafeteria. Reminds me of overseas somehow...

1:27 AM  
Blogger K. Light said...

When i first started working in spain, the building was very very new. and it didnt come with heating yet. It was december. we had some gas heating rented out and stuff but the only way to keep fingers warm was by making coffee.

I think I had 15 cups per day kot. Came home all chipper and not able to sleep.

I also think I made the coffee just because I like the way the machine works. *Press* *whirrrr whirrr whirrrrrr* *cup drops* *whiirr whiirr whirr somemore* siap! Repeat 15 times, monday to friday.

1:57 AM  
Blogger Inn said...

ah, i bet roadie always think of ways to spice up his blog real good ey? hehehe!

I dont drink coffee. When I do, I take it with a lot of sugar. Then drink a lot of water thinking i need to dilute it. yeah, i know. really elegant and smart! tsk! tsk! *lol*

2:44 AM  
Blogger Foxybabe said...

That's suicide. A slow one.

Why doesnt he drinks acid getah instead? At least it's quick.

3:05 AM  
Blogger modar said...

you sure it's sugar? maybe he was imitating Ben Stiller in Starsky & Hutch...

3:44 AM  
Blogger madnessinvain said...

Bro, i think the reason he consumed all those sugar is to make him "manis" in his own sense. "Mungkin aku akan lebih manis lagi apabila aku memakan lebih banyak gula". Hohoho.

theroadie - You and muddy are the bastion of the honey pot. Wayyy out of my league. Show me the way my padwans.

4:07 AM  
Blogger shell said...

biarlah lelaki itu dengan gula gulanya.
As long as he disturb no one.

5:07 AM  
Blogger shobshob said...

the idea of looking at a guy like that is kinda freaky..

6:39 AM  
Blogger A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

inn, that's how i take my coffee when i need a dose of caffeine. but of course, never 7 cups straight and 2 packs of sugar for each. it's always 1.5 packs.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Muddy said...

pojan :

i love coffee too, especially early in the morning, at the office. need it. so badly. huhuhu. 7 times straight? aren't you the chirpy one? ;P

teeklebone :

Muahahahahhahaha!!! That is SO HILARIOUS!!! I can't believe that man addressed you as Ikea's manager (unless you really are). By the way, I have been eyeing this chair. Discounts? huhuhu...

elly :

I know! 28 packets of sugar is really A LOT of sugar! and 7 cups of coffee is as well very disturbing! And ooooo you're a Michigan girl. Just would like to inform you that I am an Ohio boy. Huhuhu...;P

5:35 PM  
Blogger Muddy said...

theroadie :

Muahahahahaha!!! I never once thought I was on any list, or more, on top of anything! Hehehe...MIV is an awesome poet. Its a known fact that poetry have an amazing spell on the ladies.

Me? spice up my life? sounds like something a spice girl would say. Muahahahahah!!!

lin :

ooooo i know!!! the cafeteria really does rock. its so simpoi but very nice. and yeah, kl is looking very much "overseas" everyday due to the new developments e.g. mutiara damansara (the curve), putrajaya etc.

and yeah, thanks for dropping by! :)

senor anuar :

Muahahaahaha!!! watching the coffee machine works does make one relaxed, especially smelling the sweet smell of coffee brewing. Ooooo!!! Anyway, i already asked my boss to by a cappacino/espresso machine for the pantry. He thought it was a good idea. Huhuhu...

5:41 PM  
Blogger Muddy said...

inn :

hahahaha...roads is one of a character. I sometimes wonder what this bro is really like in real life...

i like my coffee really milky. i say no to cream, but simply pour fresh milk into it. it makes me think that it will dilute the coffee and make it more healthier. Muahahaha...yes, i am a freak. ;P

foxybabe :

acid getah? Muahahaha...sounds really gross. And smelly. Anyway, i think that routine will surely make anybody jitter to a nervous breakdown. because its a known fact that coffee is a temporary high. i can't imagine when that happens to that man...

modar :

Dude!!! are probably going to kill me, cause i haven't seen that movie loh. so, quite blur of what starsky did with his coffee...huhuhu...

5:46 PM  
Blogger Muddy said...

madnessinvain : know how some say that mosquitoes love sweet blood? Well, that man must be a feast after that routine. Huhuhu...

hahahah...please dude, don't put me in the same level as the roads. I am nowhere near that cyclist demon. Muahahaha!!!

shell :

yeah, you're right. the reason why i named this entry "viewpoints" is because there are many viewpoints to how you can see the man. the cleaner thought he was on suicide mode; i thought he loved coffee; another friend thought he needed the sugar buzz to start the day.

But, we all agreed that that much sugar is going to make a sure-hell hyper man...huhuhu...

shobshob :

that man is right behind you...huhuhuhu...shpooky! ;P

the babe :

so, if i ever make coffee for both you and inn, i sure know how to now! ;P dilute, its the way to go. :))

5:52 PM  
Blogger A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

no muddy. make it thick, then give us lots of plain warm water. that's how we do dilution.

5:59 PM  
Blogger dudae_simboyo said...


must be a coffee and sugar conn.. conooieus... conosiu, i give up, must be a coffee and sugar nut...


6:02 PM  
Blogger disco-very said...

reminds me of that Beastie Boys line:

"I like my sugar with coffee and cream"

i MUST meet this man, we'll make wonderful music together.

7:20 PM  
Blogger adekmanis said...

best apa taruk gula banyak-banyak hehe

7:55 PM  
Blogger Vlad said...

When it comes to coffee, I like it black with less sugar as possible, or Irish.

In real life, Roadie will show you his butt photo he took with his phone, and then gets paranoid when people blow whistles.

8:21 PM  
Blogger the kimster said...

Nothing really wrong with that amount of sugar or coffee :)

Maybe it is one way to kill yourself slowly, but hey, that is one certainty for everyone, yes?

As the good man said:
"everyone dies, but not everyone really live". Drinking good coffee could be one of the many ways to live a good life *grin*

8:43 PM  
Blogger kepala_angin said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:44 PM  
Blogger kepala_angin said...

i don't do coffee. it will make me high for some unknown reasons..

8:47 PM  
Blogger Muddy said...

the babe :

yes, my Queen. ;)

dudae :

Muahahhaaha! No worries man. I don't even know the word you are looking for. Let's keep it basic, shall we pal? huhuhu...

disco-very :

Huhuhu...ok, one fine saturday, we can go on a stake out and find this man. I think he would talk to us also, with regards that we offer him more coffee. You up for it? ;P

chi :

Remind me to go check your teeth the next time i meet up with you. ;P

10:25 PM  
Blogger Muddy said...

vlad :

Ooooo black/espresso really hits my brain cells. I swear my eyes bulge insanely when i drink that way. Huhuhu...

Really? Roads is capable of doing that? How come its not that... surprising...huhuhu. ;P

the kimster : should patent this concept, cause i think nescafe is going to use it in their next campaign. i wouldn't be surprise tha they use "the man" as their spokesperson! huhuhu...

kepala angin :

what else makes you high babe? huhuhu...;P

10:28 PM  
Blogger asm@di said...

how much coffee are we talking here? if it's just a cup, then 4 packets of sugar is just too much!

But who am i to judge since my coffee is 4 tsp of sugar, 4tsp of creamer and 2tsp of coffee. Talk about slowly killing myself.

1:29 AM  
Blogger Dade Ghost said...

Muddy I suggest we make a field trip to IKEA.... what time of the day he will be there??? This coffee drinker.... then we all can ask him the million dollar question..... why does he drink that much coffee and sugar...... ?

1:30 AM  
Blogger thinktankgal said...

Me - once a day Starbuck Tall Latte is a must for me...its like putting gas in the car.... :-)

3:04 AM  
Blogger silent said...

okay... that is weird. can you give me the exact hour this weird-man-yang-nak-bunuh-diri-dengan-glucose-overdose goes to ikea? i nak saksi for myself! (aku menyibuk sungguh kan? lol)

10:33 AM  
Blogger Muddy said...

asmadi :

coffee suicide. sounds like a rock band to me. huhuhu...

dade ghost :

according to my friend, during lunch time e.g. 1.30 to 2.00 pm. See you there!!!

thinktankgal :

ooooo need one now...*salivating away...*

silent :

Muahahahahah!!! i think you should follow dade ghost. :)

10:40 PM  
Blogger MarinaDelRey said...

good grief! i love coffee too, but not THAT much..heh.. maybe it's a ritual or some sort of caffeine/sugar spell he's casting on himself! *LOL*

11:41 PM  
Blogger disco-very said...

yeah! count me in! wa-hey! :P

12:47 AM  
Blogger Muddy said...

marinadelray :

hahahaha...yeah, everytime i am at ikea's foodcourt, i always look out for the guy. and now i drink their coffee too, and thinking what goes through that man's mind...

disco-very :

hahahaha...when i am going, will give you a holler babe! ;P

6:11 PM  

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